Catznip R13.2

There once was a kitty named Catznip, she was a fine little kitty who loved everyone, purred super fast and always ate all her dinner. JPEG2000s were her favorite food, she would eat those all day long! Then one day, there was a mix up and they started delivering the wrong kind of food, this food had little bits of PNG stuck in it! Little Catznip tried her best, but the bits in her food just gummed up her insides so badly she had to go to the vet.

The vet was a very clever older Kitty who having watched at least a 3rd of the latest Matrix movie, knew exactly what to do. She put on some hardcore EDM to help her concentrate, and carefully opened up little Catznip. When she saw where the PNG was getting stuck, she was so confused. "PNG" she said to herself, "PiNG PiNG PiNG" and suddenly she knew what to do!

You see, the Kitty had a mean Bunny friend who made her watch terrible movies all the time, and this little Catznip just needed to drift around the PiNGs in her food and not get stuck. Drifting! Tokyo Drifting! It was hard work and took all night, but by morning she was done, and after a quick trip though the tumble dryer to fluff up all her fur. Little Catznip was purring again and if you listen closely, you could faintly hear someone singing ...

Wonder if you know How they live in Tokyo (はい!) If you seen it, then you mean it Then you know you have to go Fast and furious (drift, drift, drift) Fast and furious (drift, drift, drift)

The End.

So for some reason the CDN started sending broken bits of PNG data instead of JPEG2000 for certain things, like profile pictures. These really did gum up the works and prevent other textures, mesh and avatars from rezzing. This emergency release will make Catznip ignore broken PNG images. Everything will work as it should with the exception of profiles pictures erroneously being served PNG data. We have spoken to LL and they are investigating as obviously, this shouldn't be happening at all.

This mandatory update is otherwise identical to R13.1.

Read the R13.1 release notes.